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Cal Mag Complete

Cal Mag Complete

CalMag Complete is a balanced source of minerals and micronutrients

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Calcium is an essential mineral for bone and skeletal health, but it works best when combined with essential cofactors like manganese, vitamin D, magnesium, and a bit of boron. Cal Mag Complete not only provides calcium, it provides over 70 cofactors that work with calcium, ensuring calcium is absorbed and used properly by the body.

  • Supports Muscle Function
  • Supports Heart Muscle Contraction
  • Supports Bone Health/Formation
  • Supports Strong, Healthy Teeth
  • Important in Healthy Blood Clotting
  • Plays A Role In Activating Certain Enzymes
  • Important For Cell Walls
  • Prevents Absorption of Lead

Cal Mag Complete is a dietary supplement that provides a balance of essential minerals, including calcium, manganese, vitamin D, magnesium, and boron, to support bone and skeletal health. It contains 1200mg of elemental calcium derived from coral and 1000iu of Vitamin D3, along with other essential cofactors. 

Cal-Mag Complete contains 1200 mg of elemental calcium-derived coral. Elemental calcium is the calcium content of a product that your body can use—it also exists in nature in other forms (compounds). Essential cofactors, including 1000 iu of Vitamin D3, are paired with Calcium in Cal-Mag Complete to make the most supportive supplement possible.

90% of the calcium the body needs supports bone health, which includes the health of teeth. The other 10% supports muscle function, which (notably) includes the heart muscles.

But...Calcium works best with other minerals!

Without balance with other minerals, calcium deposits can form, causing problems that include kidney stones. Cal Mag Complete provides calcium balanced with nutrients like manganese that encourage proper absorption and use in the body.
  • Magnesium and Vitamin D work together to promote bone health
  • A small amount of Boron helps the body retain calcium and magnesium in the body (as well as regulates sex hormones)
  • Zinc encourages osteoblast (bone forming cells)
  • Copper is included to balance against zinc both are necessary, but competition for absorption balance is key! 
  • Manganese promotes Calcium absorption
  • Plus Vitamin C, Potassium, and Methysulfonymethane (a source of sulfur)!
There are also over 70 trace elements derived from land-based plants that support the body as well as bone formation!
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Why Would You Use This?

This supplement is important for muscle function, heart muscle contraction, strong and healthy teeth, healthy blood clotting, activating certain enzymes, maintaining cell walls, and preventing the absorption of lead.

The balance of minerals in Cal Mag Complete also helps prevent the formation of calcium deposits, such as kidney stones. It also includes magnesium and Vitamin D for bone health, boron for retention of calcium and magnesium, zinc for promoting bone formation, copper for balance, manganese for calcium absorption, Vitamin C, Potassium, and Methysulfonymethane (a source of sulfur) and over 70 trace elements derived from land-based plants to support the body and bone formation. It is suitable for people who wants to support their bone and skeletal health.

How Does This Work?


Although Calcium is a necessary nutrient, it may compete with some drugs for absorption, including antibiotics. Take any medications at a different time of day than you take Cal Mag Complete.
If you are taking more than one capsule a day, try and distribute them throughout the day rather than all at once for better absorption. (Calcium is a large mineral, the GI tract can only absorb so much at once). You can also take Cal Mag Complete by opening the capsule (grab both ends then twist in opposite directions) and sprinkling it into your food.
As an Adult dietary supplement take 1 to 5 Capsules per day (1-2 Capsules with a meal) and 1-3 capsules at bedtime or as directed by your Health Care Practitioner.

Advance Use: Take up to double the above or as directed by your Health Care Practitioner. Drinking Orange juice or other citrus juices may increase the effectiveness of this product.
150 Capsules per Bottle

Ingredients Chart

Ingredient additional Info

Ingredients in 5 Capsules:
Calcium Mineral Complex (CMC)
Contains up to 72 minerals from the Sea. 3,000 mg
Calcium (Coral carbonate) 1,200 mg 120%
Magnesium (Glycinate Chelate) 400 mg 100%
Methylsulfonyl Methane (MSM) 250 mg *
Molybdenum (Complex) 15 mcg 20%
Potassium (from Glucosamine KnaCl, Amino acid citrite) 99 mg 3%
Vitamin C Ascorbate 60 mg 100%
Zinc (Monomethionine) 5 mg 33%
Manganese (citrate) 4 mg 200%
Boron (Amino Acid Chelate) 1 mg *
Copper (Amino Acid Chelate) .5 mg 25%
Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) 2,000 iu 500%
Plant Derived trace Mineral Complex 25 mg *
*Daily Value not established
Best Calcium Supplement with Magnesium - Ingredient Summary
Calcium Mineral Complex (CMC) Calcium (Ca) is an essential alkaline nutrient element required by every cell in the body and is the most abundent mineral in the body. Calcium (Ca) is an essential alkaline nutrient element required by every cell in the body and is the most abundent mineral in the body.

Calcium (Coral carbonate) Calcium (Ca) is an essential alkaline nutrient element required by every cell in the body and is the most abundent mineral in the body. Calcium (Ca) is an essential alkaline nutrient element required by every cell in the body and is the most abundent mineral in the body.

Magnesium (Glycinate Chelate) The element magnesium is an essential mineral involved in over 350 biochemical actions in the body. Magnesium relaxes smooth muscle, helps dilate blood vessels and maintains blood flow.

Methylsulfonyl Methane (MSM) MSM is a bioavailable naturally occurring, dietary source of sulfur and a metabolite of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO)

Glucosamine (Complex) Glucosamine is an amino sugar is a constituent of cartilage proteoglycans, required for the synthesis of glycoproteins, glycolipids and glycosaminoglycans (mucopolysaccharides). These are carbohydrate-containing compounds found in tendons, ligaments, cartilage, synovial fluid, mucous membranes, structures in the eye, blood vessels and heart valves.

Potassium (from Glucosamine KnaCl, Amino acid chelate) The essential alkali mineral Potassium is the major cation inside the cells and important in the maintainence of fluid and electrolyte balance in all body systems.

Vitamin C Ascorbate Vitamin C as an ascorbate is an essential nutrient required for metabolic reactions. Vitamin C is an effective antioxidant, an ascorbate peroxidase substrate, an enzyme cofactor for the biosynthesis of many biochemicals and an electron donor for enzymes. The active form of vitamin C is the ascorbate ion, a strong reducing agent that gets converted to its oxidized form, L-dehydroascorbate in the body by enzymes and glutathione. It is a weak sugar acid structurally related to glucose, which naturally occurs either attached to a hydrogen ion (ascorbic acid), or to a mineral ion (a mineral ascorbate). The biological halflife for vitamin C is about 30 minutes in blood plasma.

Zinc (Monomethionine) The second most ocurring essential nutrient is zinc. Zinc is involved in about 3000 different protein complexes in the body.

Manganese (citrate) Manganese is an essential trace nutrient whose ions function as cofactors for a number of enzyme activities and is required in all our body's cells and our friendly bacteria lactobacilli.

Boron (Amino Acid Chelate) The element Boron is an essential mineral. Boron plays a role in cell-membrane functions that influence response to hormone action, trans-membrane signaling and trans-membrane movement of regulatory ions (i.e. parathyroid secretes a hormone that contains boron). Boron acts as a metabolic regulator in several enzymatic systems (i.e. boron inhibit the activity of serine protease enzymes).

Copper (Glycinate Chelate) Copper is an essential nutrient found primarily in the bloodstream, as a co-factor in various enzymes, and in copper-based body pigments. Zinc and copper compete for absorption in the digestive tract so a dietary 10:1 balance must be maintained to prevent a deficiency.

Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) The sun’s ultraviolet rays penetrate the skin, and, through a local chemical reaction followed by systemic absorption and subsequent metabolism, a prohormone called 7-dehydrocholesterol in the skin is eventually converted into circulating vitamin D. Vitamin D is a fat soluble prohormone (a broken-open steroids called a secosteroid), that is converted in the liver and kidney to become the hormone 1,25-D (physiologically active form of a protein bound vitamin D). Vitamin D is necessary for utilization of calcium and phosphorus and iin the body as a hormone. The two important forms of vitamin D are cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3), which is identical to that derived from a cholesterol molecule and synthesized by sunlight on the skin and ergocalciferol (Vitamin D2), a plant analogue derived from the diet. Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) a natural dietary secosteroid to our body's internal 1,25-Hydroxyvitamin D3 is essential for bone growth and maintenance of bone density.

Additional Information

Unlike most mineral supplements, Cal-Mag Complete offers a combination of the most bioavailable form of calcium and magnesium for increased absorption.
150 Capsules per Bottle

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