Collection: Pneumonia

Support Immune Function for Relief from Stubborn Pneumonia

About Pneumonia
“The doctor had my 89-year-old father on antibiotics for three weeks without success. Within three days after starting to nebulize and inhale the Mesosilver, his pneumonia was gone." – F.S.K from New Jersey

When your lungs become infected and fill with pus and liquid, the infection is called pneumonia. The pus and liquid buildup from pneumonia deplete your lungs' ability to deliver oxygen to the blood and weaken you. Depending on the preexisting strength of your immune system and how you treat yourself (rest and recovery vs. stress that exacerbates the condition) pneumonia can, potentially, last several weeks. If the pneumonia infection is not treated and begins to spread, death is a possibility.

Pneumonia can be caused by bacteria, viruses, mycoplasmas, fungi, and chemicals. If you're a smoker, you should not continue to smoke while you have Pneumonia. If you have atypical Pneumonia caused by mycoplasmas, a sign of whiter mucus, you may not respond well to treatment with antibiotics as mycoplasmas do not have a cell wall, making them immune to most antibiotics. For this reason Pneumonia caused by mycoplasmas may take longer to cure.

People at a higher risk for developing Pneumonia include people with an already weakened immune system, people with a preexisting viral infection, particularly a respiratory disease such as Bronchitis, and those who are debilitated and postoperative patients.

Pneumonia Symptoms:

  • Ache and Weakness
  • Nausea, possibly Vomiting
  • Fever and Chills
  • Violent Cough with Mucus

Common treatments include over-the-counter cough medications and pain relievers.