Collection: Depression

Colloidal Gold/ Mesogold for Depression

Colloidal gold, or Mesogold, has been reported to supplement the nervous system to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression, increase energy and mental acuity, improve brain functions, increase motor skills, and reduce arthritis pain. Many who take colloidal gold for depression also report also feeling ADHD relief without the side effects of drugs. Mesogold is a true gold colloid, not ionic gold, which is a neurotoxin. It is completely non-toxic and produces no side effects. 

Depression is an illness that knows no boundaries. It affects millions of people each year of every age, sex, and race. Depression can be devastating for the affected person and for their loved ones. Despite many advances in the treatment of depression, barriers to recognizing and receiving proper treatment continue. As baby boomers grow into their golden years, the demand for depression remediation will increase. Modern medicine has been able to prolong life but not always the quality of life, leading sometimes to despair or depression. Once thought to be a normal part of the aging process, depression can now be cured when symptoms are identified and treated by appropriate means.