Zeolites are aluminosilicate minerals that have a micro-porous structure. The term, Zeolite, was originally coined in the 18th century by a Swedish mineralogist named Axel Fredrik Cronstedt who observed that upon rapidly heating the natural mineral, the stones began to dance about as the water evaporated. Using the Greek word that means "stone that boils", he called the material Zeolite.

Zeolites contain a molecular trap which allows them to selectively sort molecules based primarily on a size exclusion process. Zeolites act as "micro-sponges" in our body, allowing them to absorb free radicals and heavy metals and then remove them from our bodies via our normal excretion process.


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Some of the benefits Zeolite may provide include:

  • Cellular Detoxifier, Removes Heavy Metals
  • Removes Toxins, Cleanses and Neutralizes
  • Powerful Antioxidant 
  • Free Radical Scavenger
  • 1 oz. Bottle

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