Sinus RLF

Sinus RLF™

Sinsu RLF is a sinus decongestant used to relieve sinus and respiratory allergies, stop running nose, and eliminate mucous in the respiratory system. Sinus RLF™ is a potent anti-inflammatory for the sinus and bronchi areas.

  • Designed to help with sinus and respiratory congestion.
  • May help with running nose and as an expectorant to eliminate mucous in the respiratory system.
  • Natural Anti-Histamine and Decongestant Action
  • May Help in the Reduction of Hayfever and Allergies
  • May Help in Reduction of Asthmatic Conditions
  • Promotes Healthy Sinus Function
  • Sinus RLF

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    Nutritional supplementation for the sinus and nasal pathways.

    90 capsules per bottle

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