Sinus Flooding Kit / 2 Mesosilver

Experience relief from sinus congestion and pain.

Sinus Flooding Kit & 2 Bottles MesoSilver

The worst symptom of a sinus infection is congestion. It disrupts work, school, and chores. It leaks into the stomach, causing a sore throat and nausea. Worst of all, it can keep you awake at night.
Many people have experienced the relief of sinus flooding, which removes the congestive mucus that builds up during a sinus infection (sinusitis).

This starter kit is great to pick up whenever a family member exhibits symptoms of a sinus infection (then they each have their own applicator).

Sinus Flooding Kit / 2 Mesosilver

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The sinus flooding kit with 2 bottles of Mesosilver contains everything you need to complete the Sinus Flooding Procedure*:

  • 2 Bottles of MesoSilver
  •   7 packets of Xylitol (a natural sugar) 
  •  7 2oz cups to mix the MesoSilver and Xylitol in 
  •  1 2oz Rubber Applicator
  • *Contains enough for about 17 uses  

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