Meso-Iridium250 mL (8.45 oz) 10 ppm

Meso-Iridium is made up of pure iridium particles and contains no iridium ions: Meso-Iridium is a true colloid!

  • 99.8% pure iridium particles

  • No iridium ions

  • No iridium compounds

  • Purified, de-ionized water (reverse osmosis process)

  • Iridium to water ratio is 10ppm

  • Infinite shelf life

  • Light blue-silver color

  • Tastes like plain water

Meso-Iridium250 mL (8.45 oz) 10 ppm

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All natural mineral supplement in the form of colloidal iridium. A true colloid, not ionic iridium. High purity iridium 0.998. Concentration: 10 ppm (minimum) of iridium nanoparticles. Contains no iridium ions. Tasteless - tastes like water. Contains only pure water and pure iridium. Does not interact or interfere with any medications. Does not require refrigeration after opening. Infinite shelf life.

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