When It Comes to Colloidal Silver Hepatitis C Patients Have Enjoyed Great Results

When it comes to living a healthier life, pure colloidal silver can be of great help. In fact, many people believe that pure colloidal silver helps strengthen the body to stay in optimal health.

When it comes to the benefits of pure colloidal silver, many people with Hepatitis C report feeling better when taking Mesosilver™.

Hepatitis C is a serious disease of the liver that spreads when making contact with the blood of an infected person. Over time, a person suffering from Hepatitis C can develop serious liver damage, including cirrhosis and even liver failure.

Since Mesosilver™ helps the immune system , it can be beneficial to those suffering from Hepatitis C. To enjoy the benefits of colloidal silver, Hepatitis C patients should follow a directed regimen of…

  • Take one or two tablespoons of Mesosilver™ four times per day
  • Once the viral load count becomes normal, continue this routine for another thirty days
  • Make adjustments to the amount taken as necessary – remember, there are no harmful side effects if you decide to take more

If you follow the dosage of one tablespoon, one bottle will last for up to four days; ten bottles will last for up to six weeks.

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Colloids for Life Products

One of the most popular colloidal silver uses is to support the immune system while it rids the body of infection.

By doing so, colloidal silver is similar to antibiotics. Yet, colloidal silver and antibiotics are not the same. In fact, if you take antibiotics while also using colloidal silver, you will likely find that it takes longer for the supplement to take effect.

The reason for the delayed reaction is because of how antibiotics affect the body. Namely, antibiotics…

  • Impair the immune system, preventing it from fighting fungal infections
  • May cause outbreaks of Candida and fungal functions
  • Can lead to an immune system crash and other deficiencies when overused

When you use colloidal silver, on the other hand, you don’t experience any of these negative side effects. Still, it is important to understand the supplements information on colloidal silver before you use it.

Colloids for Life, LLC offers pure, natural, drug free products designed to optimize your health from Purest Colloids, Inc. and Welltrients for Life, Inc.. Our colloids offer a safe source of minerals essential for optimal health.

Our Welltrients products offer health conscious consumers the option of a single convenient powerful formula of nutrients, combined in the proper dosages, to address specific health concerns. Now we can replace an entire supplement regimen with one cost-effective nutraceutical approach. Formulations are available to address obesity, vision, emotional health, brain function, joint health, and more.

For example, when you take advantage of the many colloidal silver uses, you may actually find that your symptoms worsen before you notice improvement. This is due to a condition called Herxheimer reaction, during which the microorganisms in your body release toxins before being destroyed. This can make your body feel achy, but the symptoms generally go away after two or three days.

By gathering accurate supplements information on colloidal silver before you begin a treatment program, you will be properly prepared for the symptoms and will be able to get the most benefit from the supplement.

To learn more about Mesosilver™ and the many uses for colloidal silver, contact us via email at service@colloidsforlife.com or by phone toll-free at 1-800-390-5839. We would be happy to answer your questions and tell you more about the benefits of this great supplement.

Mesosilver and Mesogold are registered trademarks of Purest Colloids, Inc.