MRSA Staph Infections Are Drug-Resistant and On the Rise

The news headlines of the past week read almost like science fiction, except they were real.

A particularly deadly form of staph infection known as MRSA -- short for Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus -- is making news across the country. This drug-resistant, flesh-eating superbug that also invades the blood stream is becoming more prevalent than anyone realized.

And though the headlines may read like they’re from the National Enquirer, they’re coming from completely reliable news sources. Here’s a sampling:

Experts: Drug-Resistant Staph Deaths May Surpass AIDS Toll --CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) -- More than 90,000 Americans get potentially deadly infections each year from a drug-resistant staph "superbug," the government reported Tuesday in its first overall estimate of invasive disease caused by the germ.

Schools Closed After Teen's Staph-Related Death --BEDFORD, Virginia (AP) -- A high school student who was hospitalized for more than a week with an antibiotic-resistant staph infection has died, and officials shut down 21 schools for cleaning to keep the illness from spreading.

“Superbug” Found at Schools Across the U.S. --Bacteria that killed Virginia teen found in other schools - NEW YORK (CNN) -- Students at a high school in Virginia prepared Thursday for the funeral of a popular classmate, the victim of a deadly drug-resistant strain of bacteria that has turned up in schools across the country recently. It's called MRSA, short for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, and is responsible for more deaths in the United States each year than AIDS, according to new data.

970+ Cases Of 'Superbug' Statewide -(CBS 5 News, Phoenix - Arizona has recorded just over 970 cases of MRSA, a strain of staph bacteria resistant to antibiotics, sin less than a year, the Arizona Department of Health Services said.

10 Men Contract Staph Infections In NY
Jim Fitzgerald, AP October 19

And that’s just a small sampling!

For many years, the natural health industry has warned of the dangers of overuse of antibiotics and cautioned the public about the possibility of just such a situation as we are now confronting with the invasive drug resistant MRSA super bug. However, now is probably not the time to say “we told you so.” Best to simply focus on the facts and what you can do about them.

  • Staph is a bacteria that can be harmless or cause only minor skin irritation, but if it gets inside the body through a cut or wound, or if people who are elderly, ill or have compromised immune systems are exposed, the consequences can be fatal. Formerly confined mostly to hospital settings, staph has begun showing up in the general population. In fact, in the new government study, it was reported that 75% of invasive staph infections were found outside the hospital setting.
  • MRSA is a serious and often deadly form of staph infection, resistant to almost all antibiotics.
  • In a controlled laboratory study, Mesosilver was found to kill MRSA bacteria.

What You Can Do To Help Protect Yourself

  • Hygiene is key. Wash your hands often and thoroughly using hot water, soap and/or hand sanitizers. Use clean towels and do not share personal items such as razors.
  • Monitor cuts, burns, incisions and wounds carefully. Keep them clean and bandaged until completely healed, and avoid contact with anyone else’s open wounds, sores, scrapes, incisions, cuts or burns.
  • Keep your immune system strong – Avoid overuse of antibiotics, eat healthy, get plenty of rest, and consider an immune system supplement such as Mesosilver all-natural colloidal silver.
  • Investigate the lab tests from EMSL Analytical, Inc. – Microbiology Division regarding the ability of MRSA to survive exposure to Mesosilver colloidal silver. Read the lab results here or call us today for more information.