True Colloidal Silver vs. Ionic Silver Solution

There is much discussion about the different ways of processing silver for immune system support. Makers of true colloidal silver suggest they have the most effective product while companies making solutions of silver ions (hydrosol) claim they have the upper hand. It is interesting to note that products of silver ions often market themselves under the guise of “colloidal silver” rather than ionic silver. However, we never see the reverse where a company offering a true silver colloid markets itself as “ionic silver”.

Colloidal silver or ionic silver, does it really matter? After all, they both contain silver, right? Yes, they both contain silver, however in the case of ionic silver, the silver atoms are missing an electron, thereby changing the physical property of the element. Silver ions dissolve in water; indeed silver ions cannot exist outside of water. When water from an ionic silver solution is evaporated, what is left is a thin layer of silver oxide. Silver oxide has only very minimal anti-bacterial properties. In contrast, when we evaporate the water from a colloidal suspension of silver we leave behind a thin layer of silver particles, thereby offering the same anti-bacterial properties as the colloidal suspension.

While makers of ionic silver claim to have a more effective product, laboratory tests indicate otherwise. In independent laboratory tests, Mesosilver (true colloidal silver) was tested against a leading brand of ionic silver. Both products were tested against Escherichia coli (E-coli). At the end of the 24 hour testing period, the tests using Mesosilver had no measureable remaining bacteria. The tests with ionic silver, however, still showed significant bacterial activity. As a matter of fact, it took only six hours for Mesosilver to reduce the bacterial level to the level of bacteria still present after 24 hours in the ionic silver test. (Read the entire test report here.)

Mesosilver is made by a technical process that takes very pure silver and creates a suspension of pure silver particles suspended in water. This colloidal suspension provides you with the highest bioavailability of all silver products made.