The mesoprocess is a continuous process used to produce metal colloids of virtually any metal, including those from the platinum group. Metal colloids produced using this unique new method are called mesocolloids.


The most common methods used to produce colloids today include chemical precipitation, electrochemical and sonoelectrochemical techniques. These methods typically produce particles whose sizes ranges from 10 nm up to several hundred nanometers. The size of the particles in mesocolloids are less than 2 nm in diameter (1.4 nm typical).

Ions vs Particles

The Mesoprocess produces colloids containing a high percentage of metal particles vs. metal ions. Colloids produced by the mesoprocess have a high percentage of particles vs ions, typically 80% to 100% depending on the metal. Some electrochemical processes result in colloidal solutions whose metal content consists of only 1% particles, while 99% is ions.

The Mesoprocess produces smaller particles than those produced by other methods. The size of the particles in mesocolloids are less than 2 nm in diameter (1.4 nm typical). The term mesocolloid was coined to refer to a group of metal colloids that contain mesoparticles and are produced using the mesoprocess. The first products of the group to be commercially produced are Mesosilver and Mesogold. Other mesocolloid products will follow in the near future.

*Mesoprocess is a trademarked name of an advanced proprietary process developed by the scientists at the Colloidal Science Laboratory, Inc.

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