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Similar to the well-known colloidal silver, colloidal copper is an excellent supplement used to help aid sickness and boost a healthy immune system. Colloidal copper contains no foreign chemicals or pharmaceuticals, it is simply purified water that contains microscopic copper molecules.

Why Take Colloidal Copper?

Copper plays an important role in the human body. Combined with iron, copper serves to create and form red blood cells to maintain strong bones, blood vessels, nerves and more.* Colloids for Life believes in maintaining a strong internal immune system in a natural way. With our wide range of colloidal copper products you can take you daily copper in the way that works best for you.

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More Benefits and Uses of Colloidal Copper

High cholesterol and high blood pressure have been associated with low amounts of copper in the body, so be proactive in keeping your cardiovascular health up to par. Along with bad cardiovascular health, low amounts of copper in the body can also lead to osteoporosis, arthritis, and neutrophils (deficiency of white blood cells).** Add more copper to your body by taking colloidal copper. This all-natural mineral is trusted by many to be a safer, more effective copper-boosting method than taking pharmaceutical medicines.

While colloidal copper is often taken to boost overall health, it has also been known to serve as a skin nutrient as well.*** Taken routinely, colloidal copper can help increase the amount of collagen your body produces to keep your skin healthier and looking younger.

With the many benefits colloidal copper has it’s no wonder that so many take it on a daily basis. Colloids for Life offers both liquid and spray misting colloidal copper products for internal and external applications. If you have any questions about colloidal copper or which Colloidal Copper product is best for you please contact us.