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MesoSilver is an immunity-boosting mineral that has been used as a health supplement long before modern pharmaceutical medicines. Consisting of pure silver particles and sterilized water, MesoSilver is considered by many to be a safe and effective alternative medication. Colloidal silver works to keep unwanted bacteria and foreign pathogens at bay while strengthening your immune system. Because of the antibacterial properties MesoSilver contains, it has not only been used for sickness, but it has also been used to help common colds and more serious ailments. Because of the wide range of products Colloids for Life offers, our MesoSilver products can be used for many different ailments. Taken routinely, MesoSilver can safely improve your immune system while keeping sickness at bay.

Colloidal Silver BottleMesoSilver ® Colloidal Silver Intro PackMesoSilver Thin Bottle
Sinus Flooding MesoSilver Kit
MesoSilver 4 kit Bottles
MesoSilver ® Colloidal Silver 250mL (8.450z) 10 Pack

MesoSilver ® Colloidal Silver 1 Gallon Jug

MesoSilver: Boost Your Immune System

This all-natural mineral supplement is a great way to maintain your daily health. Colloids for Life makes it easy for you to prioritize your health with a wide variety of products to choose from based on your needs. Unlike traditional medicines, Colloids for Life offers MesoSilver in many different forms. It can be taken orally, used with our sinus flooding kit, and even applied topically. You can purchase a single bottle at a time or buy in bulk with our gallon bottle to help you stay consistent with your colloidal silver intake.

Make the change to MesoSilver supplements for a more natural way to maintain your well-being. The properties MesoSilver produces are intended to help keep back sickness while boosting your immunity and your overall health. Reduce the risk of foreign pathogens before they cause your body strain.

Please reach out to one of our helpful representatives with any questions or to learn more about MesoSilver. We would love to help you decide which product is best for you.

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