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Uri.Sys. Ass't

Uri.Sys. Ass't

Our whole body depends on proper urinary system function. Use Professional Grade, Clinical Strength, Uri.Sys. Ass't™ at least every six months for urinary maintenance and to promote a healthy urinary system.
90 Capsules per Bottle
Our Price: $38.00


Description Directions Ingredients
Uri.Sys. Ass't is a multidimensional formula containing vitamin, aminos, herbs and minerals to support the urinary system organs and helps maintain the bodys delicate fluid and mineral balance controlled by the kidneys.
Additional Information
Our Urinary System is comprised of the kidneys, bladder, ureters and urethra, passes the blood through a filtration process so the body can maintain a clean supply of fluids. The urinary system is responsible for maintaining the important sodium-potassium balance in and around our cells necessary for a high level of healthy energy.

Routine use of Uri.Sys. Ass't supports thorough urinary tract cleansing and improved kidney and bladder performance. Uri.Sys. Ass't is a kidney activator formula that nutritionally supports our bodys urinary system, specifically kidney, bladder and urinary tract health.

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