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Colloidal gold has been reported to relieve stress, anxiety and depression, increase energy and mental acuity, improve brain functions, increase motor skills, and reduce arthritis pain. Many report ADHD relief without drug side effects. Mesogold is a true gold colloid, not ionic gold which is a neurotoxin. Totally non-toxic and produces no side effects.

Start Improving Your Game

Every sport can be improved by better coordination and motor function. If you are serious about your sports performance you will want to experience firsthand the improved abilities you will get from using Mesogold. Your friends, team players and competitors will notice your improved playing, but only you will know why you are playing better.

How Does Mesogold Enhance Motor Skills?

In the brain, nerve cells communicate with each other through neurons and particularly in their interconnections, called synapses, which are the sites at which nerve cells communicate.

It is believed that the nanometer sized particles in colloidal gold affect the electrical charges that are produced when those neurons fire, in effect enhancing the normal communication that takes place between the nerve cells. This enhancement is believed to be responsible for increased brain functions and improved motor skills that are reported by users of Mesogold.

Method of Use:

Mesogold should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach for maximum absorption. On days when you want the best motor skills for sports, take an additional dose 1 to 3 hours before game time. The dosage for Mesogold is typically one teaspoon (5mL) up to one tablespoon (15mL) taken three times daily. One teaspoon per 70 pounds of body weight is a good approximation for most individuals. Actual dosage will vary based on individual needs.

MesoGold ® 20 ppm 250mL (8.45 oz) MesoGold ® Colloidal Gold 20 ppm 250mL (8.45 oz)

Try colloidal gold today to see for yourself its stress-relieving properties designed to give you a healthier life. With multiple physical and mental health benefits, try a single bottle of this incredible life, energy, and concentration-enhancing colloidal supplement risk-free for 90 days.

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Results / Testimonials

I’ve been playing racquetball for a couple of years, winning only about 40 or 50% of the time against a partner who is an incredible player. Last year, someone suggested I try Mesogold because it’s supposed to improve hand-eye coordination. I’m very skeptical about those kinds of claims, but I figured I’d give it a try. Within one or two weeks of taking the Mesogold, I started winning every single game. It was like I couldn’t miss a shot: I was definitely in the “zone”. I was literally winning 100% of the time. After a few months, it actually got to the point that I was bored playing, because there was no challenge in it for me. Again, let me say, I was pretty skeptical to begin with, but these were real results I got, taking only 1 TBS every morning before breakfast. - Ehsan Razavisar, 38, Bellevue, Washington

"I am a 59-year-old male and at the suggestion of a friend started to take a supplement of gold colloid a few months ago. I really didn't know anything about it but was assured it couldn't hurt me so I gave it a try. When asked if I noticed any difference, I had to admit that I didn't have a slight early morning ankle pain that I have had for many years, due to an old skiing injury. I also joked that my pool shooting has improved. At the time, I didn't know that better hand eye coordination could be attributed to gold colloid. I just returned from Florida where I shot some of the best golf I ever played. I did this on a strange course and with rented clubs! I now take daily, one tablespoon each of gold, silver and copper colloid. I can't wait for the golf season to begin." - Bill Wolfe, Age 59

"I play semi-pro soccer and take Mesogold for the way it enhances my sports performance. It keeps me more alert, more energized, gives me better stamina and makes me an all around better player. I'm active in a lot of sports, and have also noticed that it takes care of leg cramps and got rid of the problem I was having with my sciatic nerve from roller hockey. I take 3 TBS every morning, with an extra 2 TBS on game days, after eating, right before the game." - Jim Klein, Wesmont, NJ

"I started taking Mesogold for my arthritis, but now I notice that my coordination is much better and I'm much more alert too. My air hockey playing is so much better now that I hardly ever lose." - Gilbert Ryner, Age 68, Philadephia, PA

The testimonials presented here have been sent by customers who have found our products helpful. If you have results you would like to share with others, we would love to hear from you. Please e-mail your story to [email protected] and we will be happy to add your testimonial to our growing list.