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Smelly Shoe Spray

Smelly Shoe Spray

Smelly shoe spray is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to keep their shoes, athletic equipment, pet bedding, or any other items that usually smell, clean, and deodorized.
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Our all natural shoe spray . Great for shoes, sandals, sports bags, athletic equipment and pet beds. No harmful chemicals or aerosol can. Quickly dries in minutes with a pleasant peppermint aroma. Continued use enhances the protection. Contains Isopropyl Alcohol, Water, Colloidal Silver and Peppermint Essential Oil.
Additional Information
Smelly shoe spray is an all natural product that is an ideal way for you to deodorize your shoes and keep them from retaining an offensive odor. In addition to being a great shoe deodorizer, Smelly shoe spray can also be used for pet beds, gym bags, and various other types of athletic equipment. Smelly shoe spray is also a great boot deodorizer, skate deodorizer, and ski boot deodorizer. What makes Smelly shoe spray such a great option is that it is not only highly effective, it is also all natural. If you want to avoid using harsh chemicals and aerosol sprays, but still want to keep your shoes and other equipment smelling fresh, then you should definitely try Smelly shoe spray.

Over time shoes, and any other type of item that is exposed to sweat and body odor will begin to retain this offensive odor. This means that your shoes, and any other type of athletic equipment that you wear will begin to smell if you don't properly take care of them. In addition to this other items that you have around your home such as a dog bed, dog sweater, or other types of pet supplies can begin to retain the odors of your pets. Unless you enjoy living in a house that is full of offensive odors you need to do something to prevent this problem. Instead of masking the odors you should try Smelly shoe spray to eliminate them and leave behind a soft peppermint fragrance in their place.
Instead of using what everyone else uses, why not try something different? Why not try something that uses natural ingredients to achieve results that are just as good or better than the results achieved using harsh aerosol sprays? Why not try Smelly shoe spray? Smelly shoe spray is sold in a 4 ounce spray bottle that uses a press down novel that is aerosol free. By simply spraying a few quick spritzes of Smelly shoe spray you will find that it is an excellent shoe deodorizer, boot deodorizer, skate deodorizer, and ski boot deodorizer. It doesn't use harsh chemicals to do this, and instead relies upon a combination of isopropyl alcohol, colloidal silver, and peppermint essential oil. The isopropyl alcohol and colloidal silver act as disinfectants, giving Smelly shoe spray similar antibacterial properties to other aerosol based sprays. However because of it's natural ingredients you don't have to worry about what happens if you, a family member, or a pet comes into contact with Smelly shoe spray before it has finished drying.

In addition to being safe to the touch, Smelly shoe spray is also safe to spray on just about any type of material. This means that you don't have to worry about staining or otherwise damaging expensive items when you spray it on them. The essential peppermint oil leaves behind a light and fragrant scent that is much more pleasing than the heavily perfumed smells left behind by other types of aerosol based deodorizing sprays. One of the reasons that the fragrant scent is so pleasing is that it comes from essential peppermint oil. In recent years the benefits of essential oils are starting to be recognized as having many health benefits. Peppermint oil has long been known to have a calming effect on the stomach, and it's aroma also has a very calming effect upon you when you smell it. Since Smelly shoe spray is manufactured in the United States you can also rest assured that it it manufactured with strict quality controls in place.

If you are looking for a shoe deodorizer, boot deodorizer, skate deodorizer, and ski boot deodorizer that can also be used on other types of athletic equipment, then Smelly shoe spray is the product for you. It uses a combination of isopropyl alcohol and colloidal silver to disinfect, and peppermint oil to leave behind a pleasant smell. It uses a manual spray pump instead of an aerosol, and it avoids the use of harsh chemicals. Being manufactured in the U.S. the highest quality controls are in place to ensure that this all natural deodorizer is safe and effective.

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