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Sleep Support Pack

Sleep Support Pack

Pure, Potent, and Highly Effective
Sleep Support Combo Package

Give your body the nutrients it needs for a great night's sleep with Nite MGR, and the building blocks to rejuvenate your body overnight with Cal Mag Complete!
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The following items are included with this product:

Description Directions Ingredients
This pack contains:
  • Nite MGR 90 Capsules
  • Cal Mag Complete 180 Capsules
Nite MGR™ is a multidimensional dietary supplement containing important amino acids, vitamin, mineral, antioxidant & herbs synergistically combined in nighttime Complex. Nite MGR™ is a part of the nighttime regime, included in the Welltrient Pack™. Nite MGR™ contains the important welltrients used by the body at night, while we sleep.

Cal Mag Complete provides calcium balanced with nutrients like manganese that encourage proper absorption and use in the body. Calcium is absorbed while sleeping.
Additional Information

  • Supports Muscle Function
  • Supports Heart Muscle Contraction
  • Supports Bone Health/Formation
  • Supports Strong, Healthy Teeth
  • Important in Healthy Blood Clotting
  • Plays A Role In Activating Certain Enzymes
  • Important For Cell Walls
  • Prevents Absorption of Lead
Nite MGR™
Designed to support the Anti-Aging Process. Nite MGR is a safe, sensible, approach to supporting a younger you and while embarking on a path to wellness, longevity and vibrant health. Because Nite MGR contains only all natural HGH boosters, it is free of side effects. Whether your goal is to decrease fat, remove wrinkles, increase muscle, improve memory, immune function, vision and energy, or experience one of the many other health benefits associated with youthful levels of HGH, Nite MGR may help support your journey to optimum health

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