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Sinus Infection, Headache and Congestion

Sinusitis Information

Sinus Infections (sinusitis) afflicts an estimated 37 million Americans every year. This year, one in seven people will suffer the dripping, coughing, fever, headache and congestion of a sinus infection. Sinusitis is so widespread that Americans with the problem miss an average of four work days per year. In addition, there are over 500,000 sinus surgeries performed annually.

According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, sinusitis is an acute or chronic inflammation of the nasal sinuses (the hollow cavities found within the cheek bones and near the eyes). The inflammation is usually triggered by inadequate draining due to allergies, infections or structural problems of the nose such as narrow drainage passages or a deviated septum. Asthma and Immunology, sinusitis is an acute or chronic inflammation of the nasal sinuses (the hollow cavities found within the cheek bones and near the eyes). The inflammation is usually triggered by inadequate draining due to allergies, infections or structural problems of the nose such as narrow drainage passages or a deviated septum.

Sinuses help warm, moisten and filter the air in the nasal cavity and also add resonance to certain sounds. The three major signs indicating sinusitis are listed below. If you recognize a symptom in yourself or your child, see a specialist for a proper examination and diagnosis:

  1. Your cold lasts more than seven days and is accompanied by cough, fever, headache, toothache, facial pain, green or gray nasal drainage, or post-nasal drip.
  2. You have lost your sense of smell and taste and have bad breath accompanied by chronic congestion.
  3. In children, increased irritability and vomiting occurs with gagging on mucus and/or a prolonged cough.

The latest research indicates that over 90% of chronic sinusitis infections are fungal. This is the reason that pharmaceutical antibiotics are not successful in providing relief. In laboratory tests colloidal silver has been shown to reduce fungal growth, tests colloidal silver has been shown to reduce fungal growth, see test results.

How Does the Immune System fight Sinus Infection?

The immune system is a body wide network of cells and organs that has evolved to defend the body against attacks by foreign entities such as bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses.

About MesosilverĀ® All Natural Colloidal Silver

Supplement your immune system with Mesosilver, an all natural dietary supplement. Mesosilver is made up of a high concentration of pure colloidal silver particles suspended in sterilized water. The particles are of the smallest size, .65 nanometers, and it's this high quality and small size combined with being highly concentrated that makes it the most effective colloidal silver product on the market. Further, Mesosilver has no drug interactions, meaning it will not interfere with any medications you may currently be taking. It also has no side effects reported from its many users. (Of course, do not take Mesosilver if you are allergic to silver). Mesosilver works to support a healthy immune system function. Drug claims cannot be made for Mesosilver. It is difficult and expensive to conduct the double-blind drug type experiments for dietary supplements that would be required to support any drug claims. However, testimonial reports from customers suggest that Mesosilver is an effective supplement to aide in maintaining good health.

Method of Use:

Mesosilver is used to flood the sinus cavities so that the silver particles can come in contact with the infected tissue. A procedure that was developed by Dr. B.J. Biagioli has been proven successful by many hundreds of users. It is called the sinus flooding procedure and a complete set of instructions is found on the sinus flooding procedure page. Print the instructions and follow them exactly. Using mesosilver as a nasal spray has also been reported to be effective.

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Results / Testimonials

Thank you more than words can say for your sinus flooding technique! I was using Mesosilver in the nebulizer, which cleared up my lungs, but my sinus infection was not being reached by that method. My chronic sinus infection was so severe I should have been on antibiotics, but the problem is I have a deviated septum and numerous allergies, so I am allergic to all antibiotics and am in quite a bind where infections are concerned. I looked on the web site for your sinus recommendations, and read about the sinus flooding technique. It didn't sound like fun, but I decided it was worth a try. After half a session with the flooding technique, I felt like a new person! I could never breathe out of both sides of my nostrils and after half a session, I could suddenly breathe again! I had soup cooking on the stove in the kitchen, and suddenly, I could smell the soup, where before I had no sense of smell.

As I was lying on my back for the first two minutes, copious tears were flooding my eyes and running down my face. During the second part, the drainage began in earnest without even having to blow my nose. The side that is always blocked just kept on running for the longest time. I can now breathe out of both sides of my nose, which is nothing short of a miracle. My husband and I have both been concerned about whether I was going to improve. As you say in your literature, the silver must get to the source of the infection, and the flooding technique got it there! Thanks a million for your product and helpful instructions. Mesosilver and the sinus technique are incredible and amazing. I have found the answer to my sinus woes once and for all.

Margo Smith, Age 51, Gaffney, SC

I don't know if you remember me but I want you to know that after a year of [sinus] infections and surgeries with no success we finally have a well child thanks to the Mesosilver. I can't thank you enough for having this product available. I should have gotten back to you sooner but our daughter was in an automotive accident. She has recovered from that and we are looking forward to enjoying life again. For the first time in 15 years she doesn't have to take any meds. Thanks for giving us our child back.

Ida E., Chester VA

About 3 years ago, I suffered for over 2 years with chronic sinus infection and spent over $500.00 on antibiotics and all they would do is mask the problem and within 10 days to 2 weeks the infection would be back. It was to the point that I had a hard time going to work, sleeping, severe sinus headaches and dizziness once I would lay down every time. So one day I went on the internet to find something that I can try. After coming across the mesosilver site and reading many testimonials I decided that I have nothing to lose and placed and order for a couple of bottles to try. Within 3 days of flooding my sinuses with the flooding procedure, my sinuses opened up, the dizziness was gone when I would lay down and NO MORE headaches. I continued using the flooding procedure until I used up 2 bottles of Mesosilver. To this date (3 years later) I feel great and have not had any symptoms. I placed several orders for Mesosilver and always keep some in stock as when myself or my family feels the flu coming on, we use it orally and also the flooding procedure and within a couple of days its gone. So I really would suggest anyone who has sinus problems or any other infections try a bottle and you will see how great it works. (PS: It also works great on cuts)
Lon, May 10, 2005

"Over the past year or so, I have used your 15ppm Mesosilver with many patients. . . . The product is an amazing anti-bacterial agent. I have seen it eradicate eye infections, sinus infections, sore throats and other health ills. Mesosilver works so well and for so many infectious agents that it still amazes me. The fact that it is a non-toxic agent, and is therefore extremely unlikely to cause any unwanted problems, makes it that much better." -
David Getoff, Naturopath and Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist,
Jamul, CA, www.naturopath4you.com

"For my whole adult life (I am 57), I had chronic Sinusitis. Every allergy season, my sinuses would fill up and soon be infected. Sometimes it would get bad enough to have to go to the doctor and get antibiotics. It seems like years ago, that used to work and the infections would go away. For several years leading up to 1998, not even antibiotics would help though the doctors still prescribed them.

In 1998, I stumbled across colloidal silver through a friend and begin taking it as a daily mineral supplement, not really thinking that much about the sinus problem. In a few days, I began to notice a lessening in the sinus pressure and the mucous subsided. In a week or so, there was no sign of the Sinusitis at all. In addition, the bronchitis, which had become so common in allergy season went away as well. I felt like a new man! I could breathe again and wasn't up all night coughing up green stuff and keeping my wife awake. Since that date, over three years ago as I write this, I have had no sign of Sinusitis or Bronchitis."
- Bill in Utopia, Texas

"For 5 years in a row, I would get a sinus infection in September, from my allergies. Three years ago, I went to the health food store to see if I could get something for a sinus infection. It always would turn into bronchitis before it was done. The lady at the store suggested I try the colloidal silver. BOY.AM I GLAD TOO.... I put 2 drops in each nostril and by the middle of the next day, my sinus infection was cleared up. I love this amazing product. Thanks and hope more people use this."
Diana Bowers

"I just wanted to let you know that I had chronic sinusitis that had gone into infections that my doctor could not get rid of. I even had sinus surgery and have used every medication over the counter and antibiotics from my doctor. That never seemed to help and just out of desperation I tried colloidal silver after reading all the testimonials thinking what do have to lose and the first day I could not believe the effect it had in my sinuses. I had always had a bad odor inside my nose from the chronic infection and had fatigue from the sinusitis. I had first put it in a spray bottle to spray up my nose and after the first minute I could tell that it had killed all of the bacteria in my sinuses because the odor was gone! After that I started taking it orally and I feel great. I have energy and I feel happy and I don't even have as much as a sniffle. You have changed my life! And I will be sure to tell everyone about this miracle called colloidal silver!" - SIGNED: CURED FROM SINUS MISERY!

"I just recently tried colloidal silver for the first time. I have severe sinus infections. Nothing has worked before -- I've tried every kind of over the counter sinus medication I could find. But after reading about colloidal silver, I tried a few drops in my nose, and lo and behold, within 15 minutes the headache was gone! I couldn't believe it! It continued to work for several weeks and I noticed to my surprise that all the sensitivity in my teeth was also gone! But last week, I started getting a headache, and the colloidal silver didn't work; I realized the infection was much deeper and the drops couldn't get to it so I started taking it internally. It took a few hours to work this time, but it worked! Thank God -- I've finally found some relief from that terrible pain!"
R. M. Higgins

"Our son (now 6) had had chronic sinus infections (at least every 6 weeks) so when he was 3 years old, we gave in and had the sinus surgery done. Well...the infections continued to crop up on a regular basis. About 18 months ago, we discovered colloidal silver!! We have been spraying it up his nose every day or 2 and this child has been free from sinus infections. He is used to the routine and knows that it is the "silver" that keeps him free from that horrible pain. It also cleared up the many clusters of warts on his fingers as a bonus. We thank the Lord for the wonderful, natural alternatives He has provided!" - Catherine, East Tennessee

"I started taking colloidal silver for sinus infection and it worked great. After a month or so, I noticed a wart I had for years on my hand was missing. What a great bonus that was!" - Jessica

"I am 74 years old and have had chronic sinus problems nearly all my life. My MD has always prescribed some type antibiotic, usually running for 2 weeks. Sometimes, this would get rid of the symptoms, then again, other times I would have to go in and get a second round. The doctor told me several times that a bad sinus infection was very hard to CURE, and that I needed a long round of drugs. I refrained from doing this because of the fact that the antibiotics might become ineffective. About 10 months ago I was introduced to CS. and started taking it for the sinus conditions that would flair up. CS did the same as the antibiotic, and killed the immediate infection. Then the sinus infection would flair back up as always and another round of CS would have to be taken. I was introduced to MesosilverĀ® about 3 or 4 months ago. I decided to try a regime of taking about 2 tablespoons a day, (one in the evening and one in the morning). I continued this for about 6 weeks to 2 months every day, whether I had a "flair up" or not. This evidently finally killed all the remaining bacteria deep within my sinus cavities. I say this because I have not had any sinus problems of any kind for the longest time in my elder life. I believe I have finally killed it out of my system." - J. Jackson, Texas

"I began taking Mesosilver for sinus infections - which I suffered from for years - and now I haven't had a sinus infection for over a year, which is incredible. I still take 1 -2 tablespoons a day, every day, to maintain my general health." - Police Lieutenant, New Jersey

"I suffered with a sinus infection for over 10 years. It was like a constant background pressure and burning sensation that was always with me. I started using Mesosilver with a pinch of salt as a sinus rinse as instructed on this web site. At first I didn't think it was working, but I'm just at the two-week mark now and I'm noticing that things are really loosening up and that the pressure is very much relaxed and really almost gone. I'm glad I didn't give up and kept with it, because the easing of the sinus pressure that I'm experiencing now is quite a relief." - Edward Davis, San Diego, CA

"A young neighborhood boy was getting migraine headaches from a sinus infection. I gave him some of my Mesosilver in a small squeeze bottle that he could spray right up his nose. It worked so well in clearing up his infection and taking away the headaches that his Dad ordered more!" - Jan Carl, Waterford, MI