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Colloidal minerals are a suspension of nano particles in purified water---just two ingredients. The Meso colloidal line offers one of the smallest particle sizes on the market---delivering a safer, more effective product.

One 8.45 oz bottle of each:
  • Mesosilver
  • MesoGold
  • MesoPlatinum
  • MesoCopper

Our Price: $108.00


Description Directions Ingredients
MesoSilver is an immune boosting supplement. Support your immune system by adding MesoSilver colloidal silver to your daily routine.

Topically, colloidal silver has been used for hundreds of years to support skin health as cells repair. Cells benefit from colloidal silver's protective, antimicrobial properties (a benefit which is still widely used for burns and ther minor ailments).

MesoGold supports the brain, reportedly boosting learning, memory, and focus. Take it daily for mental support, or add it to your routine whenever you need a mental push.

Gold has also been used for thousands of years as a beauty tool. It's thought that gold helps the skin retain collagen and improves blood flow.

MesoPlatinum supports brain health, reportedly boosting focus, creativity, and memory. People often report an icrease in vivid dreams, and even improved libido. MesoPlatinum supports cell regeneration and DNA repair.

Copper is necessary for health, but often missing from food it should naturally be present in due to over farming and other subpar practices. MesoCopper offers copper in a way that yor body can quickly and easily absorb and use. Copper is essential to skin health, especially when it comes to maintaining young looking skin---copper is essential to collagen production, which keeps skin firm and free of wrinkles.

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