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Strengthen your immune system and reduce rashes and redness caused by Rosacea.

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Rosacea (pronounced "roh-ZAY-sha") is a chronic, relapsing and potentially life-disruptive disorder of the facial skin that affects an estimated 14 million Americans. Many have observed that it typically begins any time after age 30 as a redness on the cheeks, nose, chin or forehead that may come and go. In some cases, rosacea may also occur on the neck, chest, scalp or ears. Over time, the redness becomes ruddier and more persistent, and visible blood vessels may appear. Left untreated, bumps and pimples often develop, and in severe cases the nose may grow swollen and bumpy from excess tissue. This is the condition, called rhinophyma (pronounced "rhi-no-FY-muh"), that gave the late comedian W.C. Fields his trademark bulbous nose. In many rosacea patients, the eyes are also affected, feeling irritated and appearing watery or bloodshot.

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Common Symptoms

  • Flushing or blushing that occurs easily and often and lasts longer than normal.
  • Rashes and redness on part or all of the face. (Known as erythema). Often has the appearance of sunburn and may become worse over time.
  • Burning or stinging sensations
  • Skin pimple-like eruptions which may be solid (called papules or nodules) or puss filled (known as pustules). This may look a lot like acne but whiteheads or blackheads (common symptoms of acne) and not normally present. This skin condition may result in dry skin.
  • Visible red lines on the face called telangiectasis. These lines are caused by enlarged or damaged blood vessels.
  • Red, sore or gritty eyes or eyelids. Eye symptoms are know by the term Ocular Rosacea. See also Conjunctivitis
  • Symptoms are often aggravated by sun exposure, changes or extremes in temperature, wind, and consumption of certain foods (including spicy foods, caffeine and alcohol).

How Does the Immune System fight Rosacea?

The immune system is a body wide network of cells and organs that has evolved to defend the body against attacks by foreign entities such as bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses.

Method of Use:

To supplement the immune system against rosacea, Mesosilver is to be taken both orally and topically. Apply Mesosilver using a cotton swab or spray applicator twice daily to the affected area. Take one tablespoon two or three times daily. Reduction of symptoms should become noticeable within one to two weeks.

Results / Testimonials

"A few days ago, a dear friend of ours related to you my apparent success, at least at this point, of being free of the virus causing acne rosacea. At this date, March 24th of the year 2001, I have been off of tetracycline for 84 days. I am not writing this to help make someone in this colloidal silver business more sales. The real reason I am telling you this is that it can help others like me to get away from this horrible malady. And if anyone does not think that acne rosacea is a horribly disfiguring, embarrassing disease to be afflicted with, just bring it up on the web and observe the disfigurement it can cause. I was diagnosed in 1973 as having Lupus Erythematosus and treated by a doctor in WA for a time and then unable to arrest the problem of swollen nose with pustules all over it. I tried treating it topically with hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic jells, etc. Then I was referred to a dermatologist in Olympia WA who said that tests showed that it was acne rosacea and not lupus and the real treatment was to take tetracycline the rest of my life or until such time that some other treatment was discovered. That was 27 years ago and I have been on that antibiotic for all that time except for the periodic trial of not taking it in the hopes that it might have gone away. Always, after about 4 days my nose and face would swell, become very red and break out with pustules again, so back to the meds. To make a long story short, when going off arrhythmia med I thought I might give going off of tetracycline another try, which I did and it has now been 84 days and absolutely no sign of my rosacea returning. I can only attribute this to the Colloidal silver. I only hope that silver could do the same for others if they could only give it an honest try. If there is anything I can do or say in this regard, please feel free to use all or any part of this email to help others, and if just one can gain relief from this I will consider it a blessing."

I began to research alternatives, and came across Mesosilver on the Internet. I ordered a bottle and started using it right away. I sprayed my daughter's scalp twice a day, once in the morning before school and once in the evening before bed. Within two weeks, the ringworm was clearly healing and the hair had started to grow back. Within three weeks, the healing was nearly complete. At the three week mark, we had a follow-up appointment with the doctor. While he was looking at her scalp, I told him that I hadn't put her on the medicine her prescribed. His eyes got huge and he asked me, "What did you do?" I told him I'd used colloidal silver. He had never heard of it, but he told me he'd never seen anything like it. He said he didn't know of a single thing other than the anti-fungal that would get rid of ringworm on the scalp. He was totally amazed." - Robert Weaver