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MesoZinc 8.45 oz 30 ppm

MesoZinc 8.45 oz 30 ppm

All natural mineral supplement in the form of colloidal zinc. A true colloid, not ionic zinc. High purity zinc 0.999. Concentration: 30 ppm (minimum) of zinc nanoparticles. Tasteless - tastes like water. Contains only pure water and pure zinc. Does not interact or interfere with any medications. Does not require refrigeration after opening.
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Description Directions Ingredients
Mesozinc is an all natural mineral supplement in the form of colloidal zinc. Colloidal zinc is reported to:
  • Function as an Antioxidant
  • Be Required By Many Enzymes
  • Support Healthy Skin and Tissue
  • Support Cellular Metabolism and Functioning
  • Support the Immune System
  • Support Healthy pH Balance
  • Support Male Health and Libido
Additional Information
  • Why is MesoZinc the Best Colloidal Zinc?
    • MesoZinc is a true colloid, not an ionic solution. What this means is that MesoZinc contains true zinc particles, not ions. Many brands sold as “colloidal zinc are actually ionic. One way to tell if you're being sold ions not particles is that ionic supplements come in glass, whereas true colloids can be sold in plastic containers because it is a stable suspension.
    • Since it is a true colloid, MesoZinc does not require “stabilizers”.
    • MesoZinc contains pure zinc suspended in purified de-ionized water, with no other compounds or additives.
    • Our product is 99.9% pure zinc particles with a concentration of 30 ppm.
    We invite you to compare these facts and features with other products on the market, and you will see why we can say with absolute confidence that MesoZinc is the best colloidal zinc on the market.

    MesoZinc is a true colloid and not ionic zinc. Made up of tiny zinc particles suspended in water, MesoZinc contains pure zinc. Colloidal zinc has no known negative side effects.
    • 99.9% pure zinc particles
    • Purified, de-ionized water (reverse osmosis process)
    • Zinc to water ratio is 30ppm
    • Infinite shelf life unopened, 4-6 months after opening
    • Clear liquid with Slight Cloudiness
    • Tastes like plain water

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