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Use Natural Silver Colloids to Support Your Immune System

Do you feel tired most of the time, even after waking in the morning? Is your mid-section always feeling "full" or bloated? Do you find that meals are more of an exercise now because you no longer enjoy your favorite foods? These are just a couple of symptoms commonly expressed by persons battling with the hepatitis c virus.

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Hepatitis C Information

Hepatitis C is a liver disease caused by a virus known as HCV or Hepatitis C Virus. The effects of Hepatitis C vary from person to person. For some Hepatitis C may be completely disabling and lead to liver damage that ultimately results in cirrhoses (severe scarring) and then liver failure. For others, they may not notice they have Hepatitis C and barely exhibit any symptoms. If you were born between 1946 and 1961 you are in a group that is at a much higher risk of having Hep C. Because of the silent nature of the Hep C virus, many people carry the disease without knowing it. Be proactive and get yourself tested, even if symptoms are not present.

How do you contract Hepatitis C?/Causes of Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is a blood borne disease, meaning you catch it when you have contact with an infected person's blood. This can occur by accident in daily life, but is more likely in medical professions (which is why proper procedures should always be followed) and during sexual intercourse. Hepatitis C may also be passed from mother to child during birth, the risk of which varies depending on the severity of the mother's infection. If you had Hepatitis C when your children were born, get them tested as infants and children rarely show symptoms. If you are at high risk for Hepatitis C transmission because you are frequently exposed to others' blood, consider getting tested regularly. If you have Hepatitis C, you are at risk for transmitting Hepatitis C and should disclose that information in situations where others might need to be tested.

For additional information on Hepatitis C and how it can be transmitted see the following:

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How Long do People Live with Hepatitis C?

Hepatitis C symptoms vary in severity between people. Most will carry the Hepatitis C virus for the rest of their lives, although they may be able to protect their liver and reduce symptoms. At the onset, Hepatitis C may develop slowly, with subtle symptoms, or it may begin like a flu that nags you longer than a normal flu would.

Hepatitis C symptoms include flu like symptoms such as joint aches, fatigue, a slight fever, and headache. They could also include a sore throat, lack of appetite, nausea and vomiting. Symptoms of Hepatitis C may vary even for an individual throughout their life, being stronger or weaker at different times (stress, for example, can bring on stronger symptoms). More severely Hepatitis C can cause liver damage, which may cause pain in the liver area (your right side) as well as jaundice, wherein your skin and eyes turn yellow. Other signs of liver damage include dark urine and pale feces.

If you have any of the signs of severe liver damage or liver failure, seek medical treatment immediately. Typical treatments include interferon and ribavirin

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Mesosilver Dosage

To strengthen the immune system take Mesosilver orally.

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Results / Testimonials

I was an Registered Nurse, employed by a State government for 20 years. I was found positive with Hep. C ten years later, even all the results of ealier tests done were Negative (mandated by government, routinely). (I was also seriously injured after being attacked by a mental patient. I had 2 major cervical/spinal (neck) surgeries with a metal plate implanted. After the incident, I was no longer able to perform my regular duty. As you can see my Viral count in 08/10 was about 8 millions, and after I had been using your Meso Silver for 6 months, it reduced to about 4 millions on 6/15/11. And as of 6/14/12, even after I stopped taking it for 2 months as I mentioned in earlier email, it still came down to 3.7 millions count. I would like to thank you and hope you continue to help others as well.

Kimmi D

This product has dramatically changed the outlook of my Hepatitis C. My viral count started at approximately 5 million, after 3 months I had another test performed my viral count dropped to 130,000, after 6 months now my count has dropped under the 100,000 viral count level and continues to drop. I suffered no ill side effects and my CBC, and Smack bodily functions remained unchanged. My doctor was so interested in my progress that he wanted to know exactly what I was doing. He had never seen such an effective treatment. I started with two tablespoons per day for 2 months and have reduced my intake to 1 tablespoon per day. This beats [interferon] chemotherapy any day. My physician and I are very happy with the results. Early treatment against the virus can prevent harmful side effects later in life.

Wayne M

I have ordered from you many times before, but now I actually have my own computer. I always had my sister-in-law to order it from her computer before, I've used your product for about 3 years now, and my Hepatitis C count went from 1,650,000 i.u.'s to 24,000 i.u.'s in that period of time. I am very pleased with your product and have shared info with many other people with liver problems!!! Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for keeping my health normal for these past 3 years.

Michael F GA

I was diagnosed in 2006 with Hepatitis C type 1a and my viral load has slowly increased to 1,880,000 then I started praying for a miracle and I ordered the mesosilver and my Hepatitis C viral level dropped to 139,000.

I am slowly feeling better each day and I too changed the things I eat now its low sodium no iron nearly no fat and a lot of fruits and vegetables and I cut out beef and soda's and I want to thank you the silver is definitely helping to control my Hepatitis C and of course my prayers and my faith in God is a must

I will continue to take the silver until by some miracle they find a cure for Hepatitis C.

Donna C
Spring Lake NC

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