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A safe home remedy for ear infections: MesosilverĀ® supplements the immune system by fighting the pathogens that cause ear aches.

About Middle and Outer Ear Infections/Ear Aches

Ear ache from an ear infection can range from the discomfort of an itch to severe pain. An ear infection can be either in the outer part of the ear (otitis externa, commonly called swimmer's ear) in the canal that leads to the ear drum (about an inch in length), or in the inner (middle ear) part (otitis media) in the narrow passage that connects to the sinuses to the inner side of the eardrum called the Eustachian tube.

Middle ear infections often stem from upper respiratory infections, such as colds or sinusitis. Bacteria blocks the Eustachian tube, which normally functions as a drain, causing bacteria to build up. Outer ear infections usually occur when a pathogen such as bacteria or yeast is introduced, often from swimming in dirty/infected water or sticking a foreign object into the ear.

Ear infection symptoms include swelling, heat and redness (for an outer ear infection), discharge, and diminished ability to hear due to the swelling from the inflammation caused by the infection. The infection can be in one or both ears. If you have an outer ear infection, be careful not to touch it and then spread the infection to the other ear.

About Mesosilver All Natural Colloidal Silver

There is a home remedy for ear infections, and that is to supplement your immune system with Mesosilver. Mesosilver is made up of a high concentration of pure colloidal silver particles suspended in sterilized water. The particles are of the smallest size, 0.65 nanometers, and it's this high quality and small size combined with being highly concentrated that makes it the most effective product on the market. Further, Mesosilver has no drug interactions, meaning it will not interfere with any medications you may currently be taking. It also has no side effects reported from its many users. (Of course, do not take Mesosilver if you are allergic to silver).

How Does the Immune System fight Ear Infections?
Your immune system creates antibodies to fight invading pathogens that cause ear infections. Mesosilver works to support your immune system by fighting pathogens on contact, and can help your body fight an ear infection by being applied directly to an outer ear infection and taken orally to supplement your entire immune system.

Method of Use:
To supplement the immune system apply Mesosilver using a dropper twice daily. Also take an oral dosage of one to three teaspoons, three times daily until symptoms are gone.

Colloidal Silver MesoSilver ® 20 ppm 250mL (8.45 oz) Colloidal Silver MesoSilver ® 20 ppm 250mL (8.45 oz)

Colloidal silver MesoSilver is an all-natural, drug-free dietary supplement that acts as an unparalleled supplement to the immune system. Use it to fight off pathogens and keep your body healthy.

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Results / Testimonials

"I have been using colloidal silver for 2 years now. It's great!! I have gotten about 80 people to use it too. I take about one tablespoon every morning. My family and friends have "cured" so many things it is impossible to list them all. Here is a partial list: . . . sunburn, skin rash, athlete's foot, eye infection (conjunctivitis), ear ache, acne, reduced arthritis pain, skin melanoma (cancer), warts, infection, dandruff, and much more.

My 12-year-old daughter had an ear infection that we didn't discover until we were descending on an airplane trip and the poor kid was in excruciating ear pain. We started her on Mesosilver immediately and a few days later when we got on the plane for the return flight, she had no problems whatsoever and her ear condition had completely cleared up." - Lauri Cole, Chula Vista, CA

"The lady at the store suggested I try the colloidal silver. BOY...AM I GLAD TOO...I put 2 drops in each nostril and by the middle of the next day, my sinus infection was cleared up. I love this amazing product. After reading the many things it was good for, I also put drops in my daughter's ear, when she came down with an ear ache. Usually it takes 3 to 4 days of medication for her to get over an ear ache, and with the silver, her ear ache was gone the next morning. I am NEVER...without this in my home. Thanks and hope more people use this. " - Diana Bowers

"The first time I used colloidal silver was for an earache. I usually end up at the doctor for antibiotics, but thanks to a friend, I tried nature's antibiotic, colloidal silver. The ear ache was gone in the morning. Now I never get them because I keep silver coursing through my veins by taking a few teaspoons of colloidal silver daily." - Denise

"A few months ago, my daughter began complaining of an earache. Since she'd had ear infections before, and had conquered them overnight with a fever, I thought I'd wait it out a day before going to the doctor. Though it didn't get worse, it wasn't better either, so I took her. Before I could finish filling out the paperwork, he had her diagnosed with both an inner and outer ear bacterial infection and prescribed two antibiotics - to the tune of $175. After 2 days of treating her with them, the ear and eustaceon tube swelled, as did her jaw, and the poor kid was in excruciating pain. Every time I used the cipro drops, she would cry from the burning they caused. I stopped all the antibiotics that morning and put her on 1 tsp of Mesosilver and dropped what I could down her swollen ear, giving her tylenol to try to take some of the swelling and pain. Within 6 hours, the glands were no longer swollen, and much of the pain had abated, even though I hadn't given her more tylenol. By the next morning, she was fit as a fiddle (I had given her 2 more 1-tsp. doses of the silver) and ready to go." - Christine Adametz, Whiting, NJ