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CALM MGRx (Serenity)

CALM MGRx (Serenity)

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C.A.L.M. MGRx is a daytime formula of 19 cofactors designed to support balance in the brain and nervous system.
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C.A.L.M. MGRx is a daytime formula of 19 cofactors designed to support balance in the brain and nervous system. With free form amino acids, C.A.L.M. MGRx helps support the building and maintenance of neurotransmitters.

While stress can negatively affect the immune system, a relaxed attitude may support the immune system and overall health.

C.A.L.M. MGRx Supports:Balanced Neurotransmitters for Improved Mental Acuity
  • Brain and Nervous System Health
  • Mental Health
This is a non-addicting formula designed to naturally support brain function by giving the body the ingredients it needs to build and maintain neurotransmitters. C.A.L.M. MGRx works best in association with healthy lifestyle choices including a healthy diet, exercise, and enough sleep (when the brain refreshes itself!).

The product is designed to help your brain work better by giving the body its ingredients so it can build and maintain neurotransmitters. It's best used in conjunction with a healthy diet, exercise routine (when possible), as well enough sleep for optimal nutrient sourcing from deep within our brains themselves!
90 Capsules per Bottle
Additional Information
At 2% of our body mass, the brain uses 20% of our energy, more when we really use it!

The brain is responsible for filtering and organizing all of the information our five senses are constantly providing, allowing us to focus on one thing rather than be overwhelmed by a million different inputs.

Made up of billions of neurons and synapses, as the brain sorts information new connections are made and messages are passed between cells at an incredibly fast rate. To support this, the brain uses a disproportionate amount of energy, more than any other organ in the body!

Keep The Brain Functioning Well!

To keep up mental processes, the brain requires a constant supply of oxygen and nutrients that it uses to build and maintain neurotransmitters. (Neurotransmitters are chemicals responsible for communication between cells.) If there is not enough or the wrong balance of the required nutrients, the brain may not function optimally- possibly resulting in impulse misfiring and neurotransmitter malfunction.

C.A.L.M. MGRx contains the nutrients that the brain and nervous system need, helping the body and mind stay restore balance, which then affect mood, focus, and concentration.

While most people report that C.A.L.M. MGRx has fast results, lifestyle factors such as drug use may make it take longer for C.A.L.M. MGRx to operate in a way to support a healthy brain and nervous system.

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