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All Colloidal Silver Is Not Equal - The Comparison Cost with Ionic Silver

Don't Be Fooled

Did you know that most products represented as "colloidal" silver are actually products containing about 90% silver ions and only about 10% actual silver particles? Ionic Silver is often marketed as "colloidal silver" to drive sales, but for truth in advertising, these products should really be labeled as "Ionic Silver".

The Real Thing Mesosilver from Colloids for Life contains 75% silver particles and is properly classified as "Colloidal Silver". Ionic Silver Solutions contain about 10% silver particles. Because of the difference in particle concentration, Mesosilver has 7.5 times the amount of silver particle content as the ionic "colloidal" silver.

Important: Mesosilver is several times more effective than ionic silver. Make sure you are getting colloidal silver, not ionic silver when purchasing a silver product. Learn to read the label and understand what you are buying.

It takes more than an 8 ounce bottle of ionic silver to provide the effectiveness of 1 teaspoon of Mesosilver!

The Facts

  • The Mesoprocess provides 7.5 times the weight of non-ionic silver particles.

  • The Mesoprocess particles provide surface area 12 times greater than those produced by other methods.

  • Mesosilver is at least 90 ( 7.5 X 12) times more effective than ionic products claiming to be colloidal silver

“I had heard that colloidal silver was helpful with sinus infections, but I tried three different kinds and never noticed any difference. Then I chose Mesosilver. As soon as I got the bottle, I noticed that the solution looked very different from all the other brands I had tried. I began using the Mesosilver and I noticed a difference within a couple of days. Mesosilver cleared up my sinus infection when the other brands I tried did nothing.” - Jack Van Geldern, Riverside, CT

Do The Math

  • It takes at least 90 parts "ionic" colloidal silver to provide the same benefit as one part of Colloids for Life Mesosilver.

  • One bottle of Mesosilver costs you $25.

  • An 8 oz bottle of Ionic "colloidal" Silver cost $15.

  • Multiply $15 by 90 and you're spending $1350 for the same effectiveness of a $25 bottle of Mesosilver!

Silver Particles

The active ingredient in true Colloidal Silver is silver particles. The most effective silver colloids are those with the highest amount of particle surface area. Due to its high particle concentration and small particle size, Mesosilver authentic colloidal silver has at least 90 times the effectiveness of ionic silver. In order to receive the same amount of particle surface area in one teaspoon of colloidal silver from Colloids for Life, you would need to drink 90 teaspoons (1 cup plus 7 ounces) of an ionic silver solution.

Surface Area/Particle Diameter

Total surface area is a critical element of the effectiveness of colloidal silver. The more surface area that comes in contact with the fungus, virus or bacteria, the more effective the treatment. The diameter of the individual silver particles has a direct relationship to this calculation. As particles become smaller, it takes more particles to make up a given weight (PPM). As the particles diameter decreases by 1/2, the particle surface area for that same weight of particles doubles. Our special Mesoprocess yields 7.5 times as much particle content, and yields a surface area that provides 12 times the particle surface area of particles produced by other processes.

Now you can see for yourself: All Colloidal Silver is not Equal. Always check the ingredients information!

Our colloidal mineral supplements are a flavorless liquid that can be added with food or drink for easy consumption. The primary means for introducing colloidal silver to the human body are: ingestion, nebulization and inhalation, and topical application.

Colloidal Silver Products Can Help You Live A Healthier Life When browsing through the many different colloidal silver products available today, you may be asking yourself “What is colloidal silver?” To get a better understanding of what really is colloidal silver and what it can do for you, it is helpful to know what a mineral colloid is.

A mineral colloid is a supplement that is capable of providing the body with certain minerals that help you maintain an optimum level of health. Minerals are able to help the body build soft tissue and other essential life-sustaining elements in your body

Silver has been used since the 19th century to help benefit the body. In the years prior to 1938, colloidal silver products were commonly used by doctors as an antibiotic treatment. Since production of these products was typically expensive, however, the pharmaceutical companies stopped producing these products and moved on to others that were more lucrative to produce.