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Beware Fool's (Ionic) Gold

Not all gold supplements are the same---but it's not just a matter of which is the best, it's knowing that some are actually harmful. What you need to be aware of is ionic gold, a product often made with toxic ingredients.

So what do you need to know about ionic gold vs. colloidal gold?

Colloidal Gold is pure---non charged, or neutral---gold particles suspended in water.

Ionic Gold is made up of a salt dissolved in water. This means:
-It is a product that contains more than just gold.
-It's made using a gold salt
-The most common (read: cheap) gold salt used is gold chloride, or Chlorauric Acid, which is toxic.
-Gold Chloride makes an gold solution of gold cations and chlorine anions, and this is the most common form of ionic gold sold.

How Do Ions Work?

Charged particles, or ions, can be either anions (negative charge) or cations (positive charge). Anions have "extra" electrons, while cations have room for more electrons.

When anions and cations come together, they can "share" electrons---this means they are "bonded" together (attracted to each other), and they form a type of compound called a salt.

Using A Salt To Form Ionic Gold Solutions

Lies On The Label

Not all salts are water soluble. This is really important---many manufacturers of ionic gold products will make the claim that they are using gold hydroxide. Gold hydroxide is NOT water soluble, so any manufacturing claiming they have an ionic gold solution using gold hydroxide is blatantly lying! (See other lies Ionic Silver manufacturers are making).

Testing has shown that these products are actually using gold chloride, or chlorauric acid. This is a known toxin (check google for its Material Safety Data Sheet, which informs you to seek medical attention if you ingest gold chloride, it's a "severe irritant" and can cause burns!).

Ionic gold manufacturers omit gold chloride from the label (no, that isn't legal) because they know it's toxic. So buyer beware.

Making Ionic Gold

Making ionic gold is as simple as dissolving a gold salt in water. This is the same level of difficulty as dissolving table salt in water. (There's also a more complex way to make it, but the result is the same).

To get a gold solution, you have to have a salt. Regular gold, or metallic gold (with no charge) can't dissolve in water---that's why colloidal gold is a "suspension" of gold in water. And colloidal gold can NOT be made as simply as ionic gold!

Gold cations are missing three electrons, (electrons have a negative charge), leaving it with a positive charge. You might see this written as either Au+3 or Gold (III). This charge makes gold water soluble.

A gold cation requires the presence of anions to dissolve, so that the solution has a net charge of zero (or neutral). A salt provides both a gold cation, and a corresponding anion.

A Lazier Ingredient

Why is gold chloride so often used? It's easy to get/make (which means that it's also cheaper). That's unfortunate, but it's true---there are dishonest manufacturers out there. If ionic gold manufacturers don't directly lie on the label, they'll likely lie by omission, not labeling which gold salt they used. Since gold chloride is the most common/easy gold salt, it's the most common used (and if it's not on the label, gold chloride is a safe assumption).

All ionic gold products tested by the Colloidal Science Laboratory, Inc., have been made with gold chloride. (It's possible to make ionic gold using a different, safer salt, but not as convenient. In theory there could be an ionic gold product out there that does, but we haven't seen it!).

Gold Chloride Ionic Gold Solution

The gold chloride dissolves into a gold cation, and a chlorine anion.

That gold ion "wants" those missing electrons back. That means that when it finds something with extra electrons, like the chloride ion, it will form a compound. Metallic (neutral) gold won't do this, it already has a full set of electrons.

If you evaporate the water from an ionic gold solution, you'll be left with the original salt. If, instead, you introduce it to a more complex environment, the gold and chlorine might find other ions to form compounds with...

How Can You Tell If It's Gold Chloride? This Do It Yourself Test...

Most people don't have access to a lab with expensive machines that can tell you what atoms are present.

But there is a way you can test to see if an ionic gold solution is made with gold chloride at home, you just need to have some silver nitrate solution (1%) (silver nitrate is a chemical used to develop photos).

(This test assumes that we already know gold is present)

1) Put your ionic gold solution in a clear glass.

2) Add a drop of 1% silver nitrate solution.

3) Does a white cloud form? Chloride is present. (So Gold Chloride was used)

What happened? Silver nitrate is a silver salt solution. When mixed with a solution containing chlorine ions, silver ions and chlorine ions will get together to form silver chloride. Silver chloride is not water soluble, so it "falls out" of solution (you see this as the white cloud).

False Claims About Colloidal Gold

You might see ionic gold companies saying it's ionic gold that's safe and colloidal gold that's dangerous. They don't have anything to back up their claims, but you do!

Google's your friend! You can google the Material Safety Data Sheet for Gold Chloride (Chlorauric Acid), or for metallic, "neutral" gold, you can google for studies on nano gold (the type of gold we use in our colloidal gold supplements---just beware people slyly using "nano gold" and "ionic gold" interchangeably---read carefully!).

Why Choose Colloidal Gold?

-Ionic Gold will form compounds as soon as it meets other ions.

-Gold Chloride used to make Ionic Gold is potentially dangerous to consume.

-Most Ionic Gold products aren't clearly labeled, often because they use toxic gold chloride.

-MesoGold colloidal gold uses metallic gold, which is safe to consume according to its Material Safety Data Sheet.

-MesoGold is a true colloidal gold, and is a high quality supplement that uses nano sized gold particles.

-MesoGold contains NO gold ions.

These products have not been tested or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.
Colloids For Life makes no claims or promises as to health benefits of its dietary/health supplements. All research information is provided as a courtesy to our customers. Consequences of dietary, topical or other use of any product is the sole responsibility of the customer. If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us at

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