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End the redness, discomfort, sting and itching of Cellulitis Symptoms!

What is Cellulitis?

Cellulitis is an infection of the skin caused when the skin suffers a crack, cut, blister, burn, insect bite, wound (like from surgery) or needle injection, and bacteria, either those already existing on your skin, or others, get under the skin and cause an infection. The two most common bacterial causes of Cellulitis are Streptococcus and Staphylococcus.

Symptoms of Cellulitis include:

  • A red, possibly patchy area of skin
  • Swelling
  • A hot, tender feeling around the infected area

While Cellulitis is not contagious, it may recur by circulating in your lymphatic system (a key component of your immune system) and appear following a fever as a bumpy red spot, called Erysipelas. Erysipelas is bumpy because now a deeper layer of skin is infected, and air from the bacteria is creating raised pockets of skin (like yeast with bread). Erysipelas can develop into chronic Cellulitis, continually recurring after circulating through your lymph nodes; this is why it's important to strengthen your immune system.

How Does the Immune System fight Cellulitis?

Your immune system creates antibodies to fight invading pathogens such as those that cause cellulitis. Mesosilver works to support your immune system by fighting pathogens on contact, and can help your body fight cellulitis by being taken orally to supplement your entire immune system.

About Mesosilver All Natural Colloidal Silver

Supplement your immune system with Mesosilver, an all natural dietary supplement. Mesosilver is made up of a high concentration of pure colloidal silver particles suspended in sterilized water. The particles are of the smallest size, .65 nanometers, and it's this high quality and small size combined with being highly concentrated that makes it the most effective colloidal silver product on the market. Further, Mesosilver has no drug interactions, meaning it will not interfere with any medications you may currently be taking. It also has no side effects reported from its many users. (Of course, do not take Mesosilver if you are allergic to silver). Mesosilver works to support a healthy immune system function. Drug claims cannot be made for Mesosilver. It is difficult and expensive to conduct the double-blind drug type experiments for dietary supplements that would be required to support any drug claims. However, testimonial reports from customers suggest that Mesosilver is an effective supplement to aide in maintaining good health.

Mesosilver Dosage
To help maintain a healthy immune system take Mesosilver orally.
Note: Dosages which people recommend for colloidal silver vary since often a small dose is effective while large doses are not harmful. With our product, very small doses are effective since concentration of particles is very high and particle size is very low. The recommended dosage is one tablespoon 4 times a day. Customers also report success applying Mesosilver directly to affected areas of the skin.

At a dosage of 4 tablespoons per day 1 bottle will last 4 days, 4 bottles will last 17 days and, 10 bottles will last 6 weeks. Read results of laboratory tests of Mesosilver used against cellulitis causing bacteria.

Results / Testimonials

I am a disabled Veteran, and the doc's told me that the red/brown colors would never be gone, there would always be some discoloration. But since I have been taking Mesosilver my ulcers have healed up and the colors are almost gone and also the burning has stopped.

I don't know how it works but I am sure glad I found you on the Internet. Keep up the great research and products that are so helpful to the people that it works for.

Thanks Again Thomas O

Read More Results / Testimonials

"I had atopic dermatitis that got aggravated by severe recent stress. Because of constant scratching, the rash became infected and turned into a bad case of cellulitis on my feet and ankles. The skin was broken, torn, itchy, swollen, inflamed and burning. I went to the doctor and was given antibiotics and cortisone cream, but was still suffering. Surfing the web for cellulitis, I came across Mesosilver. Of course I was skeptical and wondered if it was a scam, but I figured I had nothing to lose by trying it, so I sent away for a bottle. I sprayed it on as soon as I got it and immediately felt better, like within two seconds! It soothed the itching, burning, swelling, and inflammation and had a wonderful cooling effect. Not only did it soothe all the symptoms, but it cleared up the rash, which is now completely gone. I’m not sure what is in this concoction, but it is a miracle. Really, it is phenomenal and I recommend it to anyone! Thank you for this product!

- K. H. from Maryland

"My husband is a 70-year-old trucker. He suffers from a terrible case of cellulitis. The skin on his legs is various shades of bright red, light brown, dark brown, and even black, from the shin area down. He also has terrible swelling, and he's been in a lot of pain. He has a pretty high pain threshold, but this condition has brought him almost to tears. When we heard about Mesosilver, we thought, "What the heck, this is about the only thing we haven't tried, so let's give it a shot.

I bought a small bottle of the Mesosilver spray and gave it to my husband on Wednesday. By Saturday - in other words in three days - there was a noticeable difference. He also began taking it orally as well as spraying it on, so that we're attacking the infection from the inside and the outside, with great results. The swelling in the right leg is almost totally gone and the skin is a rosy pink. The left leg, which is the worse of the two, has gone from absolutely black (from the pooling of the blood) to a light brown.

His condition has been so bad at times that he's had to be hospitalized and given massive doses of IV penicillin and pain pills. Now that he's on the silver, when I ask him how he's doing, he says simply, It doesn't hurt anymore.

I can't believe the change! There's hardly any black left at all and most importantly, he's not in pain anymore. He's on so many medications that he has stomach problems from all the pills he's had to take for this, and now I'm going to start to slowly wean him off these other medications." - S Nevel, Clarkdale, Arizona

"Well, it doesn't hurt anymore. So that's one thing, my pain has gone away. And there's hardly any black now. Plus, I can bend my legs, where I couldn't bend them at all before." - C Nevel, Age 70, Clarkdale, Arizona

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