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Colloidal Minerals from Colloids for Life

Natural Colloidal Silver and Other All Natural Products that Supplement Your Immune System and Enhance Your Mental Energy

Colloids for Life, LLC offers pure, natural, drug free products designed to optimize your health. Our colloidal minerals work with your body's natural processes to enhance your immune system and neural functions. Colloidal silver & gold are safe dietary supplements with no side effects. Our Welltrients for Life nutritional supplements are a professional grade product. Only the purest most potent ingredients go into these all natural dietary supplements.

While we make no health claims about the use or effectiveness of our product line, our customers have found our products helpful in a wide variety of applications:

  • Dietary Mineral Supplements
  • Supplements Immune System function
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Provides a calming effect
  • Improves motor skills and sports performance.

Our colloidal mineral supplements are a flavorless liquid that can be added with food or drink for easy consumption.

Colloidal Silver Products Can Help You Live A Healthier Life
When browsing through the many different colloidal silver products available today, you may be asking yourself “What is colloidal silver?” To get a better understanding of what really is colloidal silver and what it can do for you, it is helpful to know what a mineral colloid is.

A mineral colloid is a supplement that is capable of providing the body with certain minerals that help you maintain an optimum level of health. Minerals are able to help the body build soft tissue and other essential life-sustaining elements in your body

Silver has been used since the 19th century to help benefit the body. In the years prior to 1938, colloidal silver products were commonly used by doctors as an antibiotic treatment. Since production of these products was typically expensive, however, the pharmaceutical companies stopped producing these products and moved on to others that were more lucrative to produce.

What Is Colloidal Silver?
Exploring The Benefits of Colloidal Silver
Finding Accurate Information On Colloidal Silver

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