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What to Look For When You Buy True Colloidal Silver

In a country that’s always looking for the newest health craze, we find that people are turning more and more to remedies that have been successful for centuries. One example of that is the use of Mesosilver colloidal silver supplements.

Both silver and gold were used by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans to treat a variety of ailments. Silver treatments were used for illnesses that we know to be caused by bacteria, viruses and fungus. Ancient societies didn’t understand why these remedies were effective, but knew they worked. Today we can use high-power microscopes to view viruses and bacteria, and view their reaction when they come in contact with mesosilver colloidal silver.

Mesosilver colloidal silver (microscopic nano-particles of silver suspended in water) works because the silver particles are attracted to the cells of the bacteria, viruses or fungus. The silver inhibits the ability of the cells to oxygenate. Without the necessary oxygen, the cells can’t grow and spread. In essence, silver colloidal is nature’s antibiotic.

Unfortunately, not all mineral supplements are created with quality and effectiveness. You should buy true colloidal silver supplements, those that are made with the highest standards for quality.

What should you look for when you buy true colloidal silver? Consider the following before you purchase colloidal silver:

Quality of the supplement – Colloidal silver supplements should be made of pure, sterilized water and pure silver with the smallest available particle size. The smaller the particles, the more effective the product.  Mesosilver has the smallest particle size of any product available.

No additives – Look carefully at the ingredients of colloidal silver supplements. It should contain pure water and pure silver. There’s no reason for any additional ingredients, many of the inferior grade products also include protein additives, which are unnecessary.

Shelf Life – Many of the inferior colloidal do not have an extensive shelf life. That’s because they are photosensitive or there are additives that influence the product. When you buy true colloidal silver you get a product that doesn’t require refrigeration and has an infinite shelf life.

No taste – Colloidal silver supplements are made of pure water. There shouldn’t be any additional taste or flavorings added. When you buy true colloidal silver supplements it should be a refreshing taste of pure, sterilized water.

Good quality Mesosilver colloidal silver can greatly benefit your health with improved immune system functioning. When you buy true colloidal silver, you’ll get a great product that is safe and healthy for you to use daily.