Stress, Anxiety, Depression Pack

Stress, Anxiety & Depression Pack contains key ingredients that complement the body's ability to rebalance the nutritional cofactors that play an important role in thought processes and mood regulation. Recommended for individuals that suffer from neurotransmitter depletion due to stress, anxiety, nervousness, or depression.


Price: $50.95

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Stress, anxiety, depression (SAD) as well as negativity, low energy and low self-esteem are all symptoms that may stem from a nutritional imbalance or deficiency in the brain and nervous system. These imbalances maybe combined with an overload of toxins, causing the nervous system to have a biochemical brain deficiency, impulse misfiring and neurotransmitter malfunction.
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Contains the following products

  • D.S.A. MGRx - 90 Capsules
  • Mesogold - 8.45 oz bottle
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