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Mesoiridium Colloidal Iridium

Meso-Iridium 250 mL

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MesoIridium® Colloidal Iridium

An All Natural Mineral Supplement

What is Colloidal Iridium?

Iridium is a rare element that is found in trace amounts throughout the body. New research is still exploring the roles it plays in the body, as well as the potential health benefits of iridium.

Why is MesoIridium the Best and Safest Colloidal Iridium? MesoIridium brand of colloidal iridium is made up of pure iridium particles suspended in de-ionized water. Because it is made up of pure, non-ionized iridium particles, is safer than other iridium supplements which are often made up of iridium compounds. The combination with other compounds poses a potential health risk, which the particles in MesoIridium do not pose. The effectiveness of MesoIridium is a result of 99.8% purity, 10 ppm particle density, and tiny nano-particles for increased absorption.

To help support cell and neurological function, try a bottle of MesoIridium today.

Colloidal Iridium may:

  • Support Cellular Metabolism
  • Support Healthy Cell Functioning
  • Support Neurological Function
  • Support Healthy Tissue Regeneration
  • Early indications are that up to 5% of the brain's dry weight may be made up of different forms of iridium. Although its function is not well understood, there is speculation that it may act as a superconductor within the brain. If true, that means that iridium may contribute to improved neurological function (including focus, concentration, and other aspects of mental acuity). Other suggested health benefits of iridium include improved cellular metabolism (how cells process energy). Iridium may also support tissue regeneration.

    Product Details and Ingredients

    MesoIridium Colloidal Iridium contains no iridium ions. There are no reported side-effects or drug interactions from taking MesoIridium. MesoIridium is made up of nano-sized iridium particles suspended in water.

  • 99.8% pure iridium particles
  • No iridium ions
  • Purified, de-ionized water (reverse osmosis process)
  • Iridium to water ratio is 10ppm
  • Infinite shelf life
  • Tastes like plain water
  • Light silver color
  • Directions

    Do not take MesoIridium if you are allergic to Iridium! If you are unsure, try a small amount on the sensitive skin on your arm or hand before ingesting.

    MesoIridium has no reported negative side-effects or drug interactions.

    Take colloidal iridium on an empty stomach about 15 minutes before eating.

    Take one teaspoon a day of MesoIridium, depending on your needs to maintain health.

    Taken at one teaspoon a day, one bottle of MesoIridium will last about 6 weeks (a teaspoon is about 5mL and a bottle is 250mL).