Other Colloidal Minerals

All Colloids for Life colloidal minerals are made from pure particles suspended in de-ionized water purified by reverse osmosis resulting in the most bioavailable, purest colloids available in the market.

Enjoy the Most Effective, Purest Colloids in the Market Today!

Colloidal Silver is the our most popular colloid, followed by Colloidal Gold. We also offer these other colloidal mineral supplements:

  • Colloidal Copper
  • Colloidal Zinc
  • Colloidal Platinum
  • Colloidal Iridium
  • Colloidal Silica
What sets our purest colloids apart from most other brands is the size of the particles we use, the concentration of the particles in the colloidal supplements, the purity of the formula (just the particles and water) and the lack of ions,(ions are found in most other brands.)


If you have allergies, you should test colloidal supplements on a small patch of skin before ingesting. If you know you are allergic to copper, silver, or any other colloidal product, do not take it. (For example: if silver jewelry turns your skin red, do not take colloidal silver).
Colloidal supplements are pure, nano sized particles suspended in water purified by reverse osmosis.

The body is made up of many things, including trace elements such as copper and iridium. In the past, these would be absorbed naturally through the diet through the use of metal plates, glasses, and pots.

These natural colloidal supplements provide small particles that can be used at the cellular level. They have an incredibly low ionic percentage, making them safer than other brands.

Particle Size and Surface Area

All our colloidal mineral supplements are made with nano-sized particles of the mineral or element. We create such tiny particles because they are:

1) the most effective way for the body to absorb the mineral or element -- increased bioavailability at the cellular level PLUS the tiny size allows for the most particle surface area in the suspension, which is a key factor in effectiveness.

2) they are the safest because the body can easily pass or eliminate what it does not need

Particles vs. Ions

One of the most important things to know about our pure colloids is that we use actual particles of silver, gold, copper, zinc, platinum, iridium or silica. Most products that are marketed as "colloids" actually contain mineral ions not particles, which are nowhere near as effective and can actually be dangerous.

Particle Concentration

Another measure of colloidal supplement effectiveness is the concentration of the particles in the suspension. Check the parts per million (ppm) of our purest colloids against other brands and you will see that Colloids for Life sells the best, most effective and purest colloids available.

Why Take Colloidal Mineral Supplements?

The human body needs trace elements for optimal functioning. We used to naturally absorb these minerals and elements through the use of cookware, plates, pots, dishes, utensils, glasses, etc. (think of iron skillets, copper pots, silverware actually made of silver, silica in glass).

There are no known side-effects to taking natural colloidal supplements in moderate amounts, and no known drug interactions.